Despite Himself - DNF

Despite Himself - Kayleigh Patchett

DNF - The really annoying thing about this book is that there's a good story here. It's just buried under amateur writing, all the m/m cliches from all the m/m books written before it, and a serious lack of depth in both the characters and the text, especially considering the issues its trying to address. 

I don't want to nor need to read sex scenes (or in my case skip through them) between a traumatized, battered kid who really shouldn't even be able to move all that well considering the beat down he got just two days prior, and his white knight savior with a protective streak a mile wide yet he never once cottoned on in all the years of knowing them that the kid was getting beat up by his brother. 


I'm not entirely convinced that Logan isn't the male-version of the "damsel in distress" trope. Then Felix is disgusted with himself for having gay feelings, and a day later is totally okay with the gay to the point he's making out in front of his friends? Um, no. It doesn't really work that fast. William is nice, but he's written so OTT he comes across like a 8-yr old girl. The book actually describes him once as acting like a little girl. Brian is the cardboard cutout villain. Andy is his cardboard cutout sidekick. Jerry so far as the most potential to be interesting but that's only because we know so little about him

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I thought I could power through and skim to the end to find out the basics of what happens, but I can't any more with this book. The cliches are piling up and I have a feeling it's just going to get worse from here.