Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue - Josh Lanyon

This was a DNF for me, and the only one of JL's this has happened with for me. It's certainly as well-written and researched as everything else JL writes. The feel of the book is as oppression as a WWI story would be, and these men, who fly out every day knowing they may be flying to their deaths, are certainly starting to feel the strain. Bat has just lost his lover and one of the mechanics is trying to frame him. He gets himself into a sticky situation because of this. Enter Cowboy to help him out. That is, to frame him even more, coerce him into bed and rape him. Yes, that's right. Cowboy is an unapologetic rapist. I've seen other reviewers call it non-con, but make no mistake about it - it's rape. No warning in the blurb and this is a writer who traditionally writes romance, so I can only assume we're supposed to root for these two to get together. Yuck. I got to that first "sex" aka rape scene, backed out of the book and deleted it from my Kindle.