St-st-stuffed (Enemies to Lovers #2)

St-st-stuffed - Anyta Sunday

I had trouble getting into this one at first and almost put it down, but I kept at it and ended up enjoying it quite a lot. The writing is a bit on the amateur side, especially in the first few chapters, but less distractingly as the story goes on. There are still some issues throughout, such as having to guess which "him" the author is talking about on several occasions. There are definitely some interesting word choices/phrases throughout (flat battery, for instance) that make me think it might be a second language issue, so I'm much more forgiving of it than if it were a native speaker. I was also unclear where this was supposed to be taking place. A lot of the -isms sounded British, but then they called their cell phones cells instead of mobiles. But that's just technical stuff. The story itself was really cute and while at times predictable it was enjoyable. 3.5 stars.