Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1) (Audiobook)

Storm Front  - Jim Butcher, James Marsters

I listened to the audiobook of this, haven't read it before. I really enjoyed James Marsters's narration. It started off pretty average but by the end, I believed he was Harry Dresden, and he really brought the humor, fear, anger, etc where it was required in all the characters. I especially loved that he didn't go high-pitched on the women's voices like too many male narrators tend to do. The story itself is lots of fun, fantasy meets reality, a really mucked up case to introduce us to this world, its rules, the characters in it, and all the various relationships. I don't know if I'd gotten through it if I'd been reading it. I read some paranormal, but those are the exceptions, not the norm. If this were a TV show, I'd definitely be tuning in every week though, which is why listening to the audiobook really helped with the entertainment value. Onto Fool Moon!