The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning (Dave Brandstetter #11)

The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning - Joseph Hansen

Another one where the killer was pretty obvious from the start, it was just a matter of finding all the right connections to link them to the crime. White supremacists suck in every way possible. I didn't like that they ended up not being the main culprit though their crimes are plenty, but only because I wanted to see them nailed to the wall. As usual, there's a plethora of suspects with just as many motives. Dave works the mystery in his usual calm and sometimes snarky manner. Poor guy just wants to retire. :P He and Cecil continue to be one of my favorite pairings ever.

I'm sad to be coming up on the last book in this series. I had a shaky start with this writer's style, but now I want the series to go on forever. But I also want Dave to get his happy retirement too, so... Onto the last one.