Not Dead Yet (Not Dead Yet #1) (DNF @ 41%)

Not Dead Yet (Not Dead Yet #1) - Jenn Burke

I wouldn't say everything was going honky-dory until 31%. This did start out pretty rough, the world-building wasn't all that fantastic, the writing was average and the MCs had zero chemistry and I didn't really care about either one of them. I enjoy second-chance romances, but I need to care about why they parted and care about why they should get back together, and that wasn't happening here. But the case they were working on was interesting and the setup for that was going well and getting interesting, and that more than anything else was keeping me going.


So Wes is a ghost, but he's not. He can go solid, and even needs to sleep for some reason, and he drinks coffee and all that jazz. But he can go incorporeal too. Because, you know, ghost. Except not. *sigh* He can't see people clearly when he's incorporeal but he can see everything else just fine - very plot-handy skills he's got, our Wes. He also has a somewhat meddling female best friend, because apparently every gay man needs one of those, even not-ghost ghost ones.


Then there's his ex-squeeze, Hudson, who's a cop. They dated 30-some odd years ago, but being a ghost and being a cop, it didn't work out. A murder brings them back together, except Hudson's kind of a jerk. And then at 31%, he's suddenly

revealed to be a vampire while he's feeding on some kid - accidentally killing him, it should be noted; he doesn't drain his victims normally, just takes what he needs and sends them on their way, somehow none the wiser that they're missing a couple of pints of blood - so instead of leaving a body to be found, he turns the kid into a vampire. There is some irritation and ire and a smidgeon of regret, but no one's really as concerned about this as they should be. I started skimming at this point to see how it would be handled when the kid finally woke up, and the tone was just way too light and breezy for my liking considering what was happening on page.


I'm not generally a fan of the vampire genre, which sounds weird because I love Buffy and Angel and Harry Dresden. And I did like SPECTR Vol 1, and while the vamp stuff did get weird in the last couple of books, it was a unique enough take on the genre that it was fresh and new. But I need to know going in that there're going to be vampires and that it's going to be handled with the brevity that I need it to be dealt with. I didn't feel like I was getting that here.

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Time of death: 41%


Maybe it gets better, but I'm not inclined to find out. Still, plenty of my friends enjoyed this one, so don't take my word for it. My issues are very specific to me. It's like when I was watching The Girl With All the Gifts and was really into it until

it was suddenly just another zombie movie

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and I got bored out of my mind and couldn't finish it. It's just not my usual genre and if I'd known that element would be in it, I wouldn't have bought the book in the first place.