Over the Edge (Troubleshooters #3) (Audiobook)

Over the Edge - Suzanne Brockmann

Once again, the plot gets shoved aside for the sake of the "romances" going on. Once again, I'm left to wonder how any of these people get anything accomplished when they're completely unable to get their heads out of their pants. Once again, the WWII flashbacks feel shoehorned in and completely out of sync with everything else.


Teri and Stan - This was the best of the couples, but Stan goes way overboard trying to be the "guy who fixes things" in a completely condescending way. And Teri's response is to yell at him (right response) and shag him hard (wrong response).


Alyssa and Sam - Amazing that when Sam finally stops acting like an alphadouche and starts acting like a real-live human being, he gets better. Who'da thunk it? Then a subplot from the 1950s gets thrown in at the last minute because of stupid reasons. Alyssa's not much better than Sam though, to be honest.


Helga - I started skipping over most of her stuff and the WWII stuff. I can't help but think these subplots - and the rest of the book - would be much better served to remove them entirely and just put them in their own series.


Gina and Max - Wow, an actual plot! That takes up about 10% of the total book time. *sigh*


I switched to the ebook near the end, and found it went much better when I could just skim/skip the uninteresting parts. It definitely went faster. I just really don't like dual narrators and Lawlor and Ewbanks tend to bring the camp out of the book - hard not to, since it's 75% camp. I'll be avoiding the audios from here on out, and at this point, I think I'm better off skipping around to the ones that I want to read instead of going in order.