Murder House (PsyCop #10)

Murder House (PsyCop #10) - Jordan Castillo Price

Vic goes undercover and it goes about as well as you'd expect, lol.


I love seeing Vic continue to expand his horizons. Moving to FPMP might have freaked him out initially, but it's been such a positive place for him and he's able to see and learn new things about himself as a result. And here he decides a course of action regarding his mysteriously redacted past that he hopes will protect Jacob. Vic being so protective about Jacob and his career is touching.


We also get to learn a lot more about Agent Bly, and as another reviewer said, I hope we get at least a short story about him at some point. He's such an interesting character and his background is much more complex than he originally let on.


Now, in the previous book, some reviewers complained about

the lack of romance and Jacob not being in the story enough. I suspect there may be similar complaints about this one. Since Vic's undercover, that means no contact with anyone from his normal life. For me, I think this series surpassed Romance(™) a long time ago, and is instead a paranormal series with romantic elements. But more importantly, the forced separation caused Vic to take stock about his relationship with Jacob and all the reasons he loves the big lug and how much knowing him has changed Vic's life for the better. It was really somewhat sappy and incredibly sweet, and it made their few interactions that much more intense.

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As for Vic's past and what he discovered about it in the previous book - or didn't discover as the case may be - and what he learns at the end here:

I'm not sure if we're supposed to already be able to figure out who Dr. Kemal is, based on everything we already know. Dr. K is too obvious, and wouldn't be hiring people for Laura's assistant anyway. I'm in need of a major reread of the series, but I did a quick skim of the first two books and nothing popped out at me.

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I hope it's not too long for the next book, because I need answers now!


I did feel it dragged just a teensy bit, but JCP switched gears at the exact right time to keep it from being an issue. I am curious though if "carrot in headlights" is an actual saying that anyone anywhere has ever used, or what the hell that was about. Vic's very obsessed with carrots in this one and I don't know why, lol.