Oathbreakers (Vows and Honor #2; Valdemar #5)

Oathbreakers - Mercedes Lackey

DNF @ 23%


I hated The Oathbound with a fiery passion. I was going to skip this one but several reviewers said it's better than the first one, so I decided to give this book two or three chapters to see what happens.


What happened was I just can't stand Tarma or Kethry. Every second they're on page is like nails on chalkboard, and since they're the POV characters, that became a problem real quick. What kills me is it would be simple to write these characters as both entrepreneurial, and compassionate and sincere, but the compassion and sincerity are seriously lacking and they come across as self-centered assbutts.


Then there's the plot. The first "book" was a series of short stories thrown together in a really lazy attempt to make a full-length book. The shorts tended to provide the beginning and a quick wrap-up ending, and leave out the middle where the action was supposed to be. Here, we're thrown into the middle, in this case a war between two forces I don't know or care about, in a conflict I don't care about, and that's over by 20%.


So characters I don't like + plot I don't care about = DNF.