Room to Grow

Room to Grow - Kate Sherwood

This was a very quick, short (ends at 87%) novella about a man, David, coming to terms with being gay and figuring out how to move on from his failed marriage, and Cole, a landscape architect - sorry, a "garden designer" - who's getting over a bad breakup from a closeted user. This could've been angsty, especially since David's still married to his wife at the beginning, but it wasn't really. I liked the wife, who reacted realistically when she learns the truth, and doesn't become a villain. It also helped that their marriage had been on the rocks for a few years, and the breakup really had nothing to do with Cole but with David learning to be himself.


I liked the interactions between David and Cole; they quickly click and even though Cole has some hangups, they don't have any real miscommunications. I liked their fantasy garden designs and that they talked like adults. And David practicing saying he's gay was cute.


However, since this was a novella, there wasn't really time to delve into any of the hinted subplots, so a lot gets glossed over and feels a little rushed.


P.S. Who would build a tropical garden in Vancouver???! That's nearly as crazy as spending $400K on trees!