In Kelly's Corner - DNF @ 6%

In Kelly's Corner - Roxie Rivera

You have a stalker who is calling you and hanging up without saying anything, and leaving you pics of his dick. Do you call the cops? Not if you're Bea. Do you at least get some nanny cams installed in your home, car, office, bike, wherever this stalker has left pics for you so you can catch him on camera, especially since you're supposedly a tech genius with tons of money? Nope! That would be ridiculous!


You have a stalker who broke into your locked home and left you a present. Do you NOW call the cops? Nope! What are they going to do? At least she ran out of there instead of snooping, so she's got at least a smidgeon of sense.


Bro, if a woman has full use of both her legs, is conscious and can understand human speech, you don't pick her up and manhandle her over the security rail. You ask her politely to go backstage and escort her there. But she's your dead best friend's hot little sister who you're denying yourself a relationship with for stupid reasons even though she's into you (probably also for stupid reasons) so why pass up an opportunity to feel her up even though she's there asking for protection from her stalker. I guess this is the part where us woman folk are supposed to swoon and drool all over Kelly's big muscular arms. I rolled my eyes and deleted the book from my Kindle.


These people are dumb.


Add the juvenile writing and the constant info-dumping, and there's nothing here to inspire me to read further.