Maps (Life According to Maps #1)

Maps - Nash Summers

Looks like I'm the odd one out again. I liked this but...


Maps reads like an 8-year old jack up on speed. I couldn't relate to him at all and the story is from his POV. Stacie might not be a child of the corn, but she is seriously demented. That is not a normal five-year old. Lane is a pretty nice, all-around boy-next-door. Benji is cool. And Maps's mom is a saint. I swear, if I came home to half the things this woman has to live with her son doing, I would need psychotherapy and vast amounts of pills to stay sane. 


The humor just didn't click for me, and this is heavy on humor. It's also way too short to really develop the characters, and this is a story that's been written hundreds of times already by now, so it doesn't add anything new. I did like the gift of the maps. That was super sweet. 


I do have the next two from Prime loan, so I'm going to give the next one a try.