Untouchable (Blake Harte Mystery #1) - DNF @ 22%

Untouchable (The Blake Harte Mysteries Book 1) - Robert Innes

I could've muddle through the dry prose, I really could have. It lacked emotion, but it wasn't all telling/no showing. There was an attempt at showing in between all the info-dumping. But there were two things I just could not deal with:


1) The domestic abuse angle. It requires finesse and skill to tell this kind of story right, and I just wasn't feeling it here. It was very textbook. Maybe the execution of this plot line gets better as the story progresses, but I didn't have the patience to find out.


2) The grammar is terrible. Words are randomly capitalized in the middle of sentences. And Innes consistently, without fail, uses incorrect punctuation in all his dialogue. All of it.


"I'm going to the store." She said. - Incorrect.
"I'm going to the store," she said. - Correct.


This is Basic English 100.


Still, there are good bones here, considering this is the first story by this author. A better editor and some more filling in the corners, and you've got a promising story. It just isn't this story.


I can't comment on how the mystery aspect of it unfolds since I didn't get to that part before I gave up.