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Lust in Darkness -  Eli Easton

Some fraud is putting out books pretending they're written by well-known m/m authors. Do not buy these books! If you see something from your fave author that is unexpected and unannounced, check with that author's publisher or blog to verify it is legit.


See the blog post by Eli Easton here:


Edit: I have more info in the comments on my review at GR here:



Not only did this "author" steal Eli Easton's name (among others), but they also stole the story from a free online fic site! Bitchie was able to find the original story and posted a link below. It was posted a day before this book went up on Amazon. So not only did they plagiarize published material, they're also trying to hang the plagiarism on reputable authors by publishing these stories under their names! Just when you thought low couldn't get any lower.