Dead and Lost (L.A. Paranormal #4)

Dead and Lost: L.A. Paranormal - Lou Harper

This is the third book and fourth novella in the L.A. Paranormals series. I really enjoy Leander and Jon. They're a mix-matched couple and it works for them. Jon is prone to worrying and Leander lives in the moment. I love how Andy looks after Jon and sees his inner softie - though I could've done without the nicknames. Grumpy Bear? 


Unlike the other novellas, this one is from Andy's POV. I didn't quite click with his voice like I did with Jon's but it did provide for a more light and easygoing read. Andy also gets more hands-on in this story with the mystery, following his own leads, much to the chagrin of poor Detective Cora. 


The mystery is a cold case, going back to some remains that Andy found in a previous book, and trying to find out how the remains of a four-year old ended up in the desert. In the process, he discovers a much bigger mystery. Some of the leaps were a bit on the convenient side, physic abilities aside, and it took a little too long for Andy to suspect and finger the perp. A little bit of regular detective work would've helped him get there faster than his psyching. 


Andy and Jon also have some changes in their personal life centered around Jon's schooling and life goals. I really do enjoy seeing Andy get to the heart of what's bothering Jon and gets him to open up and laugh.