Harry Potter and the How Is It Taking You This Long to Figure Out Who Is the Half-Blood Prince (Year 6) (Audiobook)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling, Jim  Dale

Seriously, he figures out Draco's a Death Eater based on absolutely nothing but suspicion, but he can't figure out the potions master did all the scribbling and refining of potions instructions in the old potions book. *sigh* Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry. 


Also, Snape's an ass for never sharing those refined potions instructions. They clearly have never updated that textbook ever. He just hoarded all that knowledge to himself. Great teaching method there, dude.


Of course, the other half-blood "prince" is Voldie. There's a lot of focus on him here and how he went from being a little dark princeling to becoming the Dark Lord. While the setup is important to the next book, it's not particularly interesting to read here, though Jim Dale's narration certainly does give those sections more verve.


Harry's "little monster" jealousy of Ginny's boyfriends was a very silly way of explaining that Harry's developing feelings for her. They're 15 and 16 here, not 12 and 13 anymore. This came out of nowhere and was just manufactured to give Harry yet something else to angst over - and it's completely unnecessary. The boy's got PLENTY to angst over already. Putting them together made no sense. Breaking up with her was just stupid. Don't even get me started on the treatment of Lavender and Fleur, which annoyed me much more this time around than it did the first time through.


So yeah, this is both a filler book and a setup book. You can't skip it, but you sometimes wish you could. Still a good book, because it's JK Rowling.


Though I'm happy to say that Jim Dale tweaked Luna Lovegood's voice, so she no longer sounds like a chain-smoking 60 year old in this book. :) He's truly one of the best narrators I've heard, and he's great with all these characters and getting the feel and tone just right. Another A+++ performance.