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Bitter Legacy - Dal Maclean

Look, y'all, I'm not anti-adverb or anything. Adverbs, like bowties and fezzes, are cool. But they can be abused. Such as:


The final touches were paper overshoes and a pair of violently lilac, nitrile surgical gloves.


How is lilac violent? Are those gloves just being really, really lilac and refusing to be anything else? Is this Warehouse 13?


...the ground floor, a sitting room with a TV and a generously sized, scrupulously clear aquarium...


This place sounds pompous already.


She wore a white forensic suit too, but the hood remained down, revealing her disastrously disordered corkscrew curls.


That adverb's not even necessary. She also has a "gratifyingly foul mouth" which is worthy of note because...Londoners are so posh and proper they never swear? IDK.


Mrs. Alice Cordiner sat perched at the edge of a pristine Chesterfield sofa in her fantastically elegant, expensively scented lounge.


Oh dear lord.


This prose is threatening to become persistently purple.