Mahu Men (Mahu #6.5) (Should probably be #3.5 in the series)

Mahu Men - Neil S. Plakcy

I'm not going to do the usual breakdown of each title in this short story compilation like I usually do, mainly because I'd just be describing the plots of most of them anyway. Since most of these short stories center around investigations, that wouldn't be particularly insightful and would just kind of spoil things.


I'm not sure that this would not be a good test read for someone who hasn't read any of the prior books in the series. This is a good intro, in a sense, because you do get to see Kimo working several smaller cases and how he interacts with the victims' families, but you'd be missing a lot of context from the books. Not that you couldn't still understand Kimo's head space through the various shorts, but there would be blanks as Plakcy doesn't waste much time on background info. We do get to see when he first meets Ray, his new partner on the force, and their first few cases together and how Kimo came to trust him with intimate details about his life, so that was cool. We also get to see a little more of said intimate details on page, for those who have been missing it in the regular series.


I like that the stories were in chronological order, so even if you're unfamiliar with these characters and this world, there's still a sense of progression and development. I think this would've worked better if read after book three, Mahu Fire, since none of the stories here come after that point. It's also not entirely consistent with what Kimo tells us his head space was immediately after his breakup with Mike. Which is more than fine with me, as dark is so not my thing when it comes to sex. Still, it is an inconsistency, unless Kimo got himself out of his self-destructive funk a whole lot faster than previously suggested.