The Blah of It All

The Weight Of It All - N.R. Walker

There was a lot of repetition to this one, enough so that I could skim over large sections of it and not mess out on anything new, especially in the earlier parts. The exercise program that Reed set up was hard to believe. Well, not the initial one, but going from being a couch potato to running a 7K in just two months was a stretch at best. And the only way Henry would be in that much pain immediately after his first workout - or any workout - is if he strained something. Lactic acid just doesn't work that way. You wouldn't feel the lactic acid build up until the end of the day or the next day. Henry thought he was die throughout the entire book. OMG, stop you're whining!


I did like how Henry and Reed played off each other, once NR Walker stopped trying to convince me how funny Henry is by having Reed laugh and smile at every tiny thing Henry says. I also liked how Henry was inspired to make changes in his life and at work, and that he realized he needed to do those things for himself and not anyone else. But that was really all this story had going for it and it wasn't enough to keep my attention. The romance was pretty shallow - it didn't really delve into these guys' backgrounds or anything too much beyond the surface level stuff - and it all proceeded pretty much like it does in every single other contemporary romance ever. The annoying best friend who noses her way into every aspect of her gay best friend's life is a trope I can live without. 


If you're looking for something light and breezy that doesn't require much attention, or just need some brain bleach after a tough read, this should fit that bill. I was just looking for something with a bit more depth and a lot less pandering to stereotypes.