Infected: Paris (Infected #0.5)

Infected: Paris - Andrea Speed

This prequel novella shows us how Paris and Roan first met, and it's very sweet. We get to see a little bit more of Dee as well, and how he and Roan function as friends. It also has a pretty good mystery in it, and we get to see the first whispers of the Divine Transformation, though no Eli in this book. 


This was written some time after the series started and it shows, to a degree. The editing is better. There are less unidentified "he"s in this one and I only spotted one simile that made no sense. On the other hand, it was very repetitive. We're told at least a dozen times in as many paragraphs how gorgeous and charming and amazing looking Paris is - several times - and that's just one example. Since this is a novella, that much repetition takes away page space that can be used to explore other things or just make this a tighter read.