Motel. Pool.

Motel. Pool. - Kim Fielding

A ghost love story is a new one for me, and not my usual kind of read, but as ever, Kim Fielding delivers a wonderful, character-driven story. As with Rattlesnake, this is a bit on the insta-love side but it's so adeptly written and the characters given such depth that it didn't bother it. She made me believe it, which is made even more surreal because Jack is a fricking ghost!


I'm also not usually one to go in for angsty stories, but I love angst when it's done well and it has meaning beyond just making the characters (and the readers) suffer. Jack is a ghost who doesn't know why he's lingering here but left behind a trail of bad decisions and unfulfilled dreams. Tag is a young man raised by alcoholic and mentally unstable parents. He expects the worst and so makes sure that it happens, also leaving behind a trail of bad decisions and unfulfilled dreams. Jack provides a temptation for Tag - the end of living and suffering - and Tag offers Jack an opportunity to get away from the lonely, shutdown motel he's been haunting for the last sixty years. They live in counterpoint to each other, and in each other find respite from their loneliness. 


I had no idea where this story was going to go, which is a rare thing to say in m/m or any romance for that matter. I had no idea how it would be resolve - or if it even would be - and I admit to getting a little misty-eyed a time or two. Ok, maybe more than just a little, and that's rare for me too.


This story is a gem and even worth a reread at some point.