The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Christo - Alexandre Dumas

The first 60% of this book is...way too long. Sorry, y'all. Yes, it was beautiful writing. Yes, a lot of it did end up being important in the last 40%. Yes, that last 40% does largely make up for the first 60%. But seriously, get an editor! :P


I found my mind wandering a lot while I was listening to the first half of this book, especially when we first encountered Franz. I just hit a wall of Do Not Care and it took way too long to get through that part. I just didn't really get why we needed quite so many asides (we really didn't) or why we needed to know so much about all these fourth and fifth tier characters (we really didn't). But... we kind of did. At least so far as explaining the scope of this thing, and the great lengths Dantes went through to get his revenge on those who done him wrong. Just the time and dedication needed to bring this all about, and more than a few coincidinks let's be real, so that everything lined up perfectly for Dantes to smack them bastards down - it's monumental. It was one of those elaborate dominos grids, and once the pieces started falling, they didn't stop.


The constant history lessons were helpful for me, since the only thing I know about Napolean is Waterloo and Elba. And he was really short. I didn't mind that stuff. The detail of how everyone talked during the opera - this is where we get it from! This is why we talk in the theater! :P


Anyway: Noirtier's eye vs Eye of Sauron - who would win? Discuss!


This review makes no sense. I'm just gonna go rent the movie now. :D