Suddenly: Confuzzeled!

Suddenly: Shanghaied! (Suddenly Space Pirates Series Book 1) - Rose Christo

I have no idea how to rate this, so three stars seems safe. 


I'm not really sure what to make of this one. It has a lot of good ideas, but it felt like Ms. Christo was writing this by the seat of her pants. Sometimes, that works. Sometimes, you get this. The plotting is a mess if there's even a plot to speak of, and the world-building is more or less non-existant, yet it still manages to have plotholes. Maybe? Because the last scene of the book suggests that some of this wackiness might be explained in the next book, which if I read it, it won't be right away. (I did read the sample of it and it does look like it might start to fill in some blanks but there's still a lot of WTH moments throughout, which if plotted better or given any kind of explanation at all wouldn't be quite so disorienting.)  

The language also threw me, and it took me until about 75% of the way through to figure out why - the characters read and act way too much like the kids in the Gives Light series. In fact, I started to think of this book more as the kids from Gives Light putting on a space opera in a round robin kind of way, which made the hodgepodge feeling of it somewhat less annoying. I could even figure out who was playing who: Skylar is Nick, Raphael is Jason, Zeke is Miles, Annie is Patience, the shaman's daughter is Rune. The captain and the doctor are older, and I couldn't quite shake the feeling that the Doctor was a Doctor Who ripoff. The captain is... Raphael's uncle I guess. 

Christo does the characters well, and that's about the only saving grace here. You do start to feel for them and this really messed up situation they're all stuck in. Once she gets down to giving us some reveals (at past halfway through the book) it does start to improve. It just never really improves enough to make up for the first half or the continued sense that this was all thrown together like a blindfolded kid playing Pin the Plotline on the Book Donkey.


It is certainly original, but it's in desperate need of editing to make it more coherent and flow together better.