Wedding Favors (Wyatt & Graham #2) (Audiobook)

Wedding Favors - Josh Lanyon

How do you ruin a perfect short story? Follow it up with a completely unnecessary one.


I loved (and love) Perfect Day. It was short, it was succinct, it packed an emotional wallop while making you root for these two guys you barely knew, and the ending was hopeful and fulfilling. Wedding Favors is even shorter, just over an hour narration, but after about 20 minutes, I wanted to strangle Wyatt for being a wishy-washy wuss and smack Graham for being such a doormat. And honestly, it could've ended right there because not much more happens for the remainder of the story. Wyatt keeps having the same thoughts and saying the same things, just in slightly different ways and sometimes to different people, until he realizes in the last five minutes that he really, really does want to marry Graham after all and they get hitched.


What was even the point of this story? I honestly don't know.


The narrator did as good a job as he could possibly do with the material, so one star for that, and another star for the fact I got this free when I signed up for Josh's newsletter.