The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever - Piper Vaughn

4.5 stars


An Hispanic MC!!!!!!!!! A well-written Hispanic MC with a believable family life and it's not riddled with casual racism. It gets an extra half-star just for that.


As for the story itself, the premise is one we've seen many times before and it's not one I have a particularly strong feeling for one way or another. If it's done well, I like it. If it's not, I don't. In this case, I thought it was done very well. We get a couple of flashbacks that show Jonny and Marco's childhood together, which supports what we're told later: that Marco always followed Jonny. No matter what. No matter if it was dangerous or illegal or just plain stupid. If Jonny did it, Marco was there by his side. It helps give credibility too to why Marco is still pining after Jonny six years after Jonny broke his heart, and it explains why Jonny did what he did. I also liked that Jonny wasn't easily forgiven or let off the hook for the decision he made that tore these two apart. He's held accountable for it, and that goes a long way to making this a great second-chances story, at least for me.