Trust the Flop

Trusting the Flop - S.  Allen

2.5 stars


This is more summary than story: lots of telling, with some showing thrown in here and there. The set up to the relationship just wasn't very believable. Levi is injured in a car accident that takes the lower half of his left leg. His brother is killed in the same accident. Owen, the team's new doctor who Levi meets for the first time the day of the accident and they have one brief conversation together, just inserts himself into Levi's recovery plans and takes it upon himself to take him home while he's going through therapy. Because apparently he's the only other person in Levi's life. Where are his parents? His teammates and coach? Friends? Relatives? Anyone?? Who arranged Anton's funeral? Owen is spending whole days in Levi's hospital room right after the accident; doesn't he have a job to go to?


I really liked the picture and the prompt for this story, but this was not the best approach to take with it. This needed significantly more time and room to breathe. The relationship was strained and forced. Levi's thinking on one page that he's not in a place right now to start a relationship and on the next page declaring himself Owen's boyfriend. And I'm not a physical therapist, and I've never done massage therapy for an amputee before, but some of the details of Levi's recovery seem optimistic at best.


There are some good bones here, but it's trying to cram a novel into thirty-nine pages and it shows.