Fingersmith (Audiobook)

Fingersmith - Juanita McMahon, Sarah Waters

This starts off kind of slow, and a little too much telling over showing as Susan kicks off this story of intrigue and thievery. To be honest, if I hadn't seen the mini-series years ago and already known about the twist, I would have been impatient through the first part of this. This is a book about people doing horrible things to each other and it's asking me to care about them. That's not usually my forte because screw anyone who would willingly hurt another over money, of all things. Susan also starts out rather naive and unobservant, which didn't help. Once the twist happens and we switch to Maud's POV, the story got much more layered and complex, and not just because we're peeling back another layer to this scheme but because Maud is more complex. Ms. Waters did manage to get me rooting for Sue and Maud, despite how terrible they are. She makes their situations real and understandable, even if their actions aren't excusable, and she does make them pay in their own ways for their selfishness. 


I remembered the reveals about Susan and Maud that come at the end, but had forgotten what happened to Gentleman and Mrs. Sucksby. Can't say I'm terribly upset about either one of them. They both got what they deserved, as far as I'm concerned.


Juanita McMahon does an excellent job narrating this. She speaks perhaps too slowly, and that was listening at 1.25x speed, but she was clear at all times and really put the emotions into each character. I'm also finding that some narrators are better at holding my attention when I'm at work that others are, and Juanita is one of them, so if I could rate her performance more than five stars, I would.