High Wizardry (Young Wizards #3) (New Millennium Edition)

High Wizardry - Diane Duane

This series continues to be nothing like what I expected. Yes, the protagonists are kids, and Dairine especially acts like a self-centered brat for much of this book. But damn, this series zigs where others would zag, and it goes at Warp 10 where others are barely making it out of the stratosphere. It's not afraid to tackle issues like death or hate, as well as self-doubt, bullying, and adolescence. The parental figures and authority figures are good people who the kids can trust and go to in times of need for guidance, not to be told what to do. And the kids learn important life lessons, like how not to strangle your little sister, or how to tell a boy you kind of like him like that, alongside the fantastical and sci-fi elements of magic and traveling the galaxy and going up against your own personal Vader, kind of. 


This book, even more than the previous two, shows that there are no limits to this world. Mars? Pah! Why stop at Mars when you can go to other side of the Unseen Universe? Who has time to worry about bra sizes when the ultimate evil is going after your little sister? This series is amazing and absurd and just a fun time all around, even when it's creeping the bejesus out of me. 


I am a little disappointed that

we still haven't met Kit's family. We were given the perfect opportunity for that in this book but it didn't happen. What gives? I'm really hoping this doesn't become a thing throughout the whole series and at some point we do get this, because Kit deserves as much attention as Nita and Dairine and their family get. Not that Kit is ignored, not by a long shot, but we've gotten to know the Callahans pretty well at this point. I want to get to know the Rodriguezes too.

(show spoiler)


Highly recommend!