Love for the Cold-Blooded...

Love for the Cold-Blooded, or The Part-Time Evil Minion's Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero - Alex Gabriel

2.75 stars, rounded up.



I have only one piece of advice for anyone thinking of reading this: read the sample first. You should know by the end of that if the writing style suits you, which is important because much of the humor in this story relies on that. Unfortunately, the writing style was something I constantly struggled with in this book, so I had a hard time getting into it. I don't know if it would've worked better if we'd actually been inside Pat's head. All the action was from his POV and we're privy to all his thoughts and feelings, so telling it in third person seemed to clash with the narrative style. Then again, Pat's not as cool as he thinks he is, so maybe having it in first person would've been even more grating. I don't know, just...



It doesn't help that the plot hinges on the Big Misunderstanding trope. Usually, this trope pops up halfway through, once the reader is already familiar with the characters and invested in the relationship. Here, it starts off the story and keeps escalating from there. Given the nature of the Big Misunderstanding, it gave the first chapter a somewhat skeevy feeling. Once we find out how the misunderstanding happened, I was able to get over the skeevy on Nick's half, but Pat continues with the lie for several more chapters. Even so, these two were pretty adorkable together, and I wanted to see what happened. I was dreading the Big Misunderstanding taking the entire book to be revealed, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Nick finds out, the fallout is about what you expect, and then the story just kind of goes off the rails.


I did like seeing how the villains/challengers organized themselves to support each other in their various schemes for global domination. It was a different take on each one being out for themselves. Plus, they just want good books to read and cookie recipes to find online and sometimes when you have kids, you have to put your world domination plans on hold for a bit. Pat's sisters were pretty great, and Nick wasn't as clueless as he first appeared (though I still refuse to believe he never knew what a high-five was), but Pat...going back to my first point, he annoyed me a lot of the time. He kept giving Nick cool tips, like he wasn't a ginormous dweeb himself. There's also the whole defending evil-doers' right to take over the world because it's actually for the world's own good mentality that is just a big fat no. Because, seriously, if you believe that, then you're kind of a loser.



The point where it started going sideways - or more sideways - for me was Pat's first minion job and the whole

mind-control ray. Because apparently, it supposedly doesn't actually make anyone do anything they wouldn't be willing to do anyway (in which case why even use it) so that makes it a totally okay way to dominate everyone in the city, take away their free will and Pat has zero problems with any of this. But even weirder is we have no idea what Nick is up to this entire time the MCR is in action. No, instead, another hero shows up to destroy it, Pat rushes off to delete all the data and research and stuff, then Nick shows up and ... they just have sex? Why is this scene even happening? Shouldn't Nick have bigger concerns at this point than boinking his boyfriend? It was hot, I guess, but why aren't you going after the evil villain, dude? Time enough for sex after you take down the big bad. Priorities, mister! Also, maybe try to get it through your boyfriend's thick head why taking away people's consent is bad, and how the ends don't justify the means, because he doesn't seem to get it.

(show spoiler)


That really sunk Pat's stock as far as I was concerned and I never really liked him much after that. Nick never asks Pat to make any adjustments to his own moral compass like Pat keeps insisting Nick needs to do for him, so Nick came off as something of a doormat. But hey, the sex was good, so who really cares about compatibility, am I right?



This was a rough start, a good middle, and a drawn out conclusion. I finally forced myself to finish this just so I could be done with it. Ending is HFN rather than HEA.