It's been a month since BookLikes stopped sending email notifications, we've had zero communication from the owners, and in general zero apparent interest from them in this site for some months now. 


I like this site because it's easy to see what my friends are reading and it's not cluttered with "stuff" like GR is. It's quiet. I feel like I can breathe here. However, it's also quirky. It doesn't use HTML, which is a huge drawback when c/p reviews from one site to another, and makes linking my account to GR pretty pointless. The coding for spoilers is just weird, and sometimes when I'm working on my shelves, the whole site freezes up and I have to leave it for several minutes before it starts acting right again. But in general, it's usually no fuss. 


Until recently, with this no emails bug. I started using BL as a backup for GR, because GR just deletes reviews sometimes without letting you know, and BL assured its users it would never do that. But then BL started deleting whole blogs by "accident". I don't know if some of my missing friends/followers decided to jump ship on their own or were victims of this random deletion, but it doesn't comfort me either way. So I started getting my LeafMarks account up to date, as a back for BL, which is already a backup for GR. It's a lot of work. A little too much work.


I'm not going anywhere at this time, but I'm seriously considering it. I don't want to lose people though if that should happen, so here are my profiles at GR and LM. If you feel so inclined, you can friend or follow me there, and I'll friend/follow you back. If you use a different name there than you do here, please include your name here in message area with your request so I know who you are.


Me at GoodReads

Me at LeafMarks