Among the Living (PysCop #1, Audiobook)

Among the Living - Gomez Pugh, Jordan Castillo Price

This is such a great introduction to such a fun series. The world and characters are vividly described, and Vic has an acerbic and quirky sense of humor that it really helps the narrative to flow. My only real complaint is just as I was getting into this world, the story ended. Much too short. I could've kept reading another 100 pages - and I think the added time exploring Vic and Jacob's budding relationship would've made the ending less sappy

since it's kind of hard to buy that Jacob's "true love" would be Vic after only knowing him for a week or so.

(show spoiler)


Pugh does a great job with Vic's voice and nearly everyone else here. The only negative is Jacob's voice, which sounds like Patrick Star. Every time he did Jacob's voice, I expected him to say "Hello, Spongebob." (Thankfully, Jacob's voice got better and better in subsequent books.)