The Hell You Say (Adrien English #3) (Audiobook)

The Hell You Say (Adrien English Mystery, #3) - Josh Lanyon, Chris Patton

Damn you, Jake Riordan! *shakes fist*

This book hurts so bad. It's the one where that Thing happens, where Jake's a giant poophead (more so than usual) and frelling Guy Snowden, spawn of Satan himself - and I mean that mostly literally - makes his first appearance. UGH! I just can't with Guy. And I can't with Jake.

Adrien's in shock. He needs a blanket. Actually, Jake could probably use one too, but he's not getting one. For reasons.

Anyway, I'm not going to write a big long review because y'all already know why this is a life-ruining, joy-crushing, hope-shattering masterpiece. 5 stars for this bloody story.

Chris Patton's narration continues to be... interesting. Adrien is perfection, and Jake's grown on me. Lisa sometimes has an accent, sometimes doesn't, whereas Guy's accent - which is meant to be fake - is actually pretty decent and consistent. So I know it's not the narrator's inability to do an accent. I have to wonder if he knew from the start that Lisa is British, or just found out when it's specifically stated in this book and didn't catch onto the verbal clues before. Though Josh worked directly with the narrator on these so, yeah, I don't know what happened there. It's strange. Patton's range is pretty limited for the other characters too, but I can forgive a lot of that because Adrien is so perfect and obviously the most important voice here next to Jake's. Still, the accent thing is annoying me now, so 3.5 stars for narration.