A Matter of Time, Vol 1 - DNF @ 22%

A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes

Well, I tried. Twice. This was ridiculous, over the top idiocy and I wanted to strangle Jory during every single second of it.


So, say you witness a man being brutally executed right before your eyes, and you're only alive due to the fact that the murderer is under surveillance by the cops and they were close enough to the scene to save your pathetic ass. Do you:


A) bad mouth the cop who saved you and march off into the middle of the freezing night wearing nothing but club clothes
B) refuse witness protection when you're the only witness to murder committed by a drug lord who will send his minions after you, because clearly your boss takes top priority
C) go clubbing every night with random friends and get so drunk you can't hold your head up when you promised to keep a low profile
D) all of the above
E) go into wit-sec because you love life and want to continue breathing, and it's not like you have any family to miss you anyway


If you're a sane person, you chose E. If you're Jory, you choose D. Because he's a fricking idiot.


That's just the first chapter. The next three chapters proceed pretty much exactly like this:


All the women in Jory's office is totally in love with Jory's boss, who loses interest in any woman when she starts getting too attached. Every. Single. One. Because they're all hopeless, whiny women with low self-esteem. Every man that Jory's ever slept with seems to have the same problem. So you have this same basic conversation in every chapter, with only slight variation*:


"I like you."
"Well, I don't."
"No, but I like you."
"Nothing's changed."
"Com'n now. Just talk to me." *gets all grabby hands*
"But I like you."
"Get over yourself."
"I won't let you go." *more grabby hands*
"I like-like you."
"I'm leaving now."
"You can't just walk away."
*Kage: "I'll protect you. God, you're annoying. Let's go eat."


And round and round it goes. This is not how people act. This is not how people talk.


I'm done.