An American Homo in Paris

An American Homo in Paris - Vanessa North

Cute! Just a pinch of angst and a whole lot of fun and games. I usually hate insta-anything, but as insta-like it works. Benj (I refuse to call him Benji - that's a dog) and Ziri just click as Ziri tries to help Benj get over his scumbag ex. Paris is a great backdrop to this story too. This is a good one if you need something light and breezy, or in need of brain bleach.


Not a fan of "blog" posts in stories though, and the blog comments added nothing to the story. Then there's the whole "stay and milk this" angle at the very end that kind of cheapened it, but as I'm not invested in these guys as an HEA or even an HFN but more of a "we like each other, let's see where this leads" and Benj does tell Ziri right away, then I'm not too bothered by it. That's my only complaint though.