Fatal Shadows (Adrien English Mysteries, #1) (Audiobook)

Fatal Shadows - Josh Lanyon, Chris Patton

Chris Patton really is a near-perfect Adrien. I don't think he quite captures Adrien's snark but everything else he's got to a T. His voice for Jake threw me completely as it was nothing near what I heard in my head when I first read this series 6 years ago. Not deep enough or sardonic enough. My Lisa also had something of an English accent, so that threw me too. Claude sounded like Claude to me. His range for the other characters could've been more varied. So 4 stars for narration.


The story really holds up after all these years. The whodunit is pretty obvious, of course, but the emotion is the key here and Ms. Lanyon (and Chris Patton) nailed it. Adrien's panic and despair as he's "fingered" for so many things, murder being chief among them, is palpable. I love imaging what thoughts are going through Jake's head during this first introduction of our MCs. Something tells me he's never met anyone like Adrien-with-an-E before. I somehow forgot about the book club circle, and getting to meet these characters again was as fun as the first time.