The 13th Hex (Hexworld #0.5)

The 13th Hex: A Hexworld Short Story - Jordan L. Hawk

Read as part of the Charmed and Dangerous: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy anthology.


I've been thinking about this one all day and all I've been able to come up with is "that was weird."


I really liked the world-building here, and the concept of American history but with witches. Like, Puritans be gone from this place! Because these witches are out and proud and they're not going anywhere. They have their own police organization, and there are hexmen and familiars and witches, oh my! I like how the system is structured and set up here with little to no fuss. But as this was a short story, things moved very fast where I think they would've benefited with having more room to breathe and settle in.


There were also a few things I didn't like for purely personal reasons. First, I hate crows. So Rook being a crow didn't really endear me to him. It's not his fault! He seems like a really nice guy. Second, that horribly insulting, massively racist episode of Supernatural that had a witch and his overly-familiar familiar kept playing in the back of my head while I was reading this and making me squirm. Because reasons. Third, the "bonding" concept just doesn't work for me. Insta-anything generally doesn't work for me. There was some getting-to-know-you parts, but they still went from just met to bonded in one day.


I still plan to read the first official book in the series when it comes out next month as I'm hoping with a longer format, the pacing issues will be resolved, and I should hopefully have enough time to get over my issues to enjoy the story for what it is.