The Only One Who Cares (The Only One #3)

The Only One Who Cares: M/M, Military, Navy SEALs, Gay Romance, series - Cat Grant

Read as part of Unconditional Surrender M/M Military Bundle.


I can finally read this story from the anthology that came out last year or the year before last. It was nice to see more of Josh and David. Josh is finishing up two years of non-combat duty and getting ready to go back out on the field. He's come a long way but he's still got some things to work through. David's doing clinic hours as an intern for his psychology degree and helping vets with PTSD. They're thinking about adopting and just going about their lives. It was on the super predictable side though and, once again, the ending resolution was rather convenient.


I also couldn't get into the whole storyline with Cassie once her parents showed up. She's from a conservative Catholic Hispanic family. So am I, on my mother's side. I can tell you, what happened to Cassie here would NEVER happen to anyone in my family, and I say this with plenty of experience. Not saying it doesn't happen, I just couldn't relate to it at all. Especially because that side of my family is ginormous so

child care really wouldn't be an issue, and if it were there'd be plenty of family to take in the baby for a few years while she goes to school and gets on her feet. Adoption wouldn't ever be on the table as an option or a necessity because she had no other choice.

(show spoiler)


But whatever. HFN ending so yay.


There were a couple of grammar things that the author does that annoyed me here too. It's one thing when she described the dog's tail as "thump-thumping" on the floor. It's kind of cute and emphasizes Major's eagerness, and was only used once or twice in the previous book. But now people are clomp-clomping everywhere too and it's annoying. Pulled me out of the story every time that happened.