Stardust (Audiobook)

Stardust - Neil Gaiman

This was fun. Neil Gaiman's voice is like honey. I could listen to him talk all day.


There were a lot of similarities with the movie, but obviously a lot of differences too. I think in the end, I like the movie more. First, the movie has Captain Shakespeare and the book does not. That's one star off the top right there. However, the movie also has Richard Gervais, and the book does not, so that's a half-star added back to the book. The climax in the book is rather a letdown since

the witch lets Yvaine go because Yvaine had already given her heart to Tristran, making it useless to the witches, so that whole showdown from the movie never happened.

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We do get to see more of Victoria, who I thought was treated better in the book than in the movie, where she's just kind of shallow and a tease. The very end is pretty sad and doesn't have that HEA that the movie does, nor does the book really develop their relationship as well as the movie. Still, there were a lot of other characters from the book that I found interesting. The writing was simple but well-constructed.