The Only One Who Knows (The Only One #1)

The Only One Who Knows - L.A. Witt, Cat Grant

This started off way too insta-lust for my tastes. Other than that pep talk David gives Josh during his SEALs training, it seemed the entire basis of their relationship was sex - or fighting about sex - and I just couldn't connect with either guy. They were making stupid mistakes and stupid decisions because they couldn't keep their libidos in check and I ending up skipping nearly all the sex scenes that made up the bulk of the first half of the book.


Then that nonsense with Benton happened. While Benton was wrong to use the information the way he did, he still had a point about Josh and David, and I just can't quite Evil Villain him the way the authors seem to want me to. Those no fraternization rules exist for a reason. Its resolution was a little too neat and tidy, not to mention convenient.

The last time we saw any of the crew, they all had the same misgivings about Josh's leadership abilities, but then we hear they just changed their minds. Why? Just so Josh could keep his job, I guess.

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The second half was much better, since there was an actual plot in it, and the action was fairly well described and intense, but it's not quite enough to make up for the first half. Since all that insta-lust stuff is out of the way though, I have better hopes for the sequel.