Him (Him #1) - DNF @ 67%

Him - Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen

It wasn't the dude-broing (which I liked) or even the constant casual misogyny (which I rolled my eyes at but hey, they're dude-bro 22 year olds, what do you expect). It wasn't all the "I must be really gay"ing or the "yep still into chicks too"ing. It was just boring. Been there and read that, and read much better versions of it. I started skimming the constant sex scenes (in which Jamie went down the "Intro to Gay Sex" checklist) and eventually even started skimming the angst scenes (in which Wes goes down the "what if he's not really into me/this" checklist). In fact, the whole book feels very checklisty. When I can hear the items being checked off the list as I read, I know there's really no hope for me enjoying the book. I was pushing myself to finish, but this isn't even worth it for the yearly reading challenge.