Playing with Fire (Glasgow #3)

Playing With Fire - Avery Cockburn

Liam's biased against bisexuals, compounded by his former boyfriend leaving him for a woman, and Robert's about to graduate university and looking for jobs in gaming development - any of which would take him away from Glasgow. Liam has a family to support and can't just pick up and leave. It's a bad time for them to be attempting a relationship.


I had a hard time getting into this one. We've spent maybe a total of 10 pages with Liam and Robert in the previous installments, and most of those were with Liam. Robert was pretty much a stranger, and while I was looking forward to getting to know both of these two characters better, I wasn't invested enough in them or their friendship to care much about their budding romance so early into the book. Thankfully, what Cockburn does so well is not so much avert or subvert the tropes in the friends-to-lovers to examine the people behind them. Throughout all the various starts and stops along the way, we do get know what makes both these guys tick and understand exactly what they have to loose and/or gain, not just with each other but in their own lives as well. Watching these two bozos fumble their way from friends to something much more was at times frustrating, but I found myself getting drawn in the more I read and rooting for these guys to just realize who perfect they are for each other already.


Another thing I appreciate about Cockburn's writing is that he doesn't write NA, which technically is what this series is, so much as slices of life. These guys aren't grown up ten-year olds like you see in a lot YA/NA. In fact, I'm often surprised when any of them mentions their ages because they act and feel much older - or maybe that should be that they actually act their ages, though they can still be impulsive and angst-ridden at times. I'm also enjoying learning about Scotland just as much as I am learning about the guys in the Warriors team. We even get a hint of who the next book will center around.