Out-Foxed (Skyler Foxe Mysteries #3) (Audiobook)

Out-Foxed - Haley Walsh, Joel Leslie

Narrator status: Much improved! All the issues I had with the last two are gone here. The accents are still a little rough but at least Cashmere doesn't have any lines, so there were no Jamaican/Irish hybrid accents to put up with.


Foxe status: He really is TSTL and I'm glad the characters all acknowledge that - even while going along with his poorly thought-out plans. Hey, Skyler, you know who's good at trailing criminals and are actually paid to do it? The FBI. And you just happen to know somebody in the FBI. Also, his whole "I'm not telling you anything if you're not telling me anything" attitude was grating. Grow up, dude. Your students act more mature than you. I love you, man, but seriously. How you're not dead yet is beyond me.


SFC club status: OMG!! 

Phil and Rodolfo! I did not see that one coming! It's too perfect. Poor Jamie needs to get a boyfriend now. Maybe he'll hook up with the brokenhearted Cashmere Funk.

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School status: Let's just make something clear. The Inland Empire really is this messed up. Just google "Inland Empire" and "Nazis" or "San Bernardino school" and "Nazi" and you'll see what I mean. So listening to the afterword that this was based on actual events didn't really surprise me. I thankfully live south of the western edge of the IE, where people are still relatively sane, so I don't have to put up with this kind of behavior, thank God. 


But anyway, the students are great, even if their parents aren't. Mr. Sherman really puts the "pal" in principal. I think he's my favorite secondary character. I was a bit suspicious of him in the first book but he's grown on me now. Skyler's mom also proves to be pretty awesome. 


I'm really enjoying this series. Now to decide if I'm going to continue with ebooks or wait for the audiobooks...