Pride and Prejudice (Or, Everyone Stop Being Mean to Darcy!)

Pride And Prejudice - Jane Austen

So, really, this deserves three stars, because while the writing might have been good for it's time, it's on the stilted and tell-don't-show side now, and at times I was rather bored with these insufferable gits filling up the room with all their hot air. But that Darcy, he deserves a star all for his own self. So, four stars. :)


Look, I can't be rational about Darcy and I refuse to even try. He's a social phobe in high society when being different wasn't cool. You're expected to gather with other people and spend time with them, many of whom you might not know, and on top of that you're expected to perform, to entertain, to make conversation and even worse - small talk. I'm a social phobe too and I can tell you - it's excruciating to be put into these kinds of situations. And no, it does NOT get easier with repetition. So I have all the feels for Darcy. I get you, bro. I get you.


Everyone else? Jane is sweet, Elizabeth... IDK. She started out strong-minded and carefree but perceptive of others, but then Austen turns that around as being a not so great thing near the end. At least as far as these insufferable gits are concerned. I still say Elizabeth is too good for them all, except when she's crushing Darcy's heart. That sort of behavior is not permitted, Elizabeth! Lydia - girl, you need to check yourself. You do not know how to act. Actually, very few of these proud but not vain *wink*wink* characters know how to act, for all that they laud themselves on doing so. The absolute worst were Mr. Collins (who I cast as Gilderoy Lockheart) and Mr. Wickam (we'll cast him as, oh, IDK, Gargamel from The Smurfs), and even Collins starts to look pretty shiny next to Wickam. I don't need to tell you all why.


[Edit: I forgot to mention, there are free podcasts for this book on iTunes, and while the one I got was a pain to download (she separated them into three volumes instead of just doing chapters, and then she didn't label them consistently or some were even mislabeled, forcing me to change the data info on all of them) she performed very well. It's just listed under Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice, so no name of the podcaster or anything to share.]


Anyway, any good movie adaptations of this I should watch?