Play It Safe (Glasgow Lads 2.5)

Play It Safe: A Glasgow Lads Story - Avery Cockburn

It was great getting to check in on Fergus and John again. For a short read, this packs a lot into it. John and Fergus are having relationship issues, and their friends give them advice. There's a swap meet with a feisty old lady, a bathhouse adventure that goes nowhere you would expect it, smexy times, and two dopey Scots. What's not to love?



I could have used a little less of the bathhouse stuff, since most of that just bored me, at least until the end of it. 

And how about a description of the wedding rings, huh?

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We also get a little glimpse at Liam and Robert, who'll be the couple of the next novel, which was nice since we haven't really spent much time with either of them, especially Robert.