Marketing Beef

Marketing Beef - Rick Bettencourt

A lot of weirdness in this one, but it was readable and I liked the MCs for the most part. Much of this read like an elaborate outline, since a lot of stuff happens off page that they summarize later. This contributes to the weirdness factor because it's hard to see how a lot of the things that are brought up or happen are in any way connected to each other. Then you get to the end and it makes sense, or at least most of it does. I did get a couple of chuckles out of it and the beef ads were funny,

though I wonder if Dillon using a model who looked similar to Evan can be considered stalkerish. Dillon doesn't come across as a stalker, thankfully, but like I said, there's much weirdness here.

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There was little chemistry between the MCs, and due to the outline factor the one sex scene felt like an instruction manual so I skipped most of it. Then there are a couple of time jumps at the very end to get to the HEA.


Not a whole lot of substance here, but if you're in need of a breezy read for a lazy day, this could fit that bill.