Silver Embers - DNF at 12%

Silver Embers - Becca Finn



If you're in that big a hurry to find out why your brother is a sniveling mess, because there's life-threatening stuff going on not because you're simply curious, telling him to write it down - long hand - and you'll read along is the least productive and expedient way of going about it. Especially when he starts rambling on about things all the characters in that room already know about. I can't suspend my disbelief enough for that.


This enemy-to-lovers fantasy is more like school children taunting each other in the schoolyard, and given the social status of one of them (the brother of a lord) it's even more off putting. They're just slinging insults at each other based purely on rumor and stereotypes. We get such lovely dialogue as this:


"So, the Order sent you down to help us out? They weren't able to send somebody who isn't an asshole?"


"Besides that, I have nothing more to say to a member, let alone an aristocrat, of a race of untrustworthy, slutty and barbaric creatures such as yourself."


Um, would those be the same untrustworthy, slutty and barbaric creatures who you are working for? Really, dude?


The writing is as juvenile as the characters, with odd word choices and bad punctuation, and for a fantasy this read more like a contemporary featuring a couple of tweens trolling each other on Facebook.