Taking a Risk on Love - DNF @ 22%

Taking a Risk on Love - K. Mason

I enjoyed K. Mason's other story in this event, A Point of Honour, which was a fun riff on the Robin Hood tales. The author states in the foreword for "Taking a Risk on Love" that the time period for this story isn't her usual, and I wonder if that has something to do with this being so unsatisfactory. First, the one MC is 19 years old and acts significantly younger. Keeping in mind that kids were pretty much considered adults as soon as they hit puberty back in those days, and his juvenile behavior was even more annoying than if this were a contemporary romance. We're thrown into the flirting with these two with no build up and very little background. Then they go clothes shopping - or the 18th century version of clothes shopping which is going to a tailor - and that's when I lost any hope of maintaining interest in this story. I don't do frou-frou. Bored now. Moving on.