Dead In L.A.: 1 (L.A. Paranormal)

Dead In L.A.: 1 (L.A. Paranormal) - Lou Harper 3.5 stars. A psychic investigator who finds lost pets and jewelry and occasionally solves murders, and a former construction worker starting over as an art major: weird combination but somehow it works. The first short, Dead in the Hills, was paced well and set things up nicely. The second short, Dead in the Valley, gave us more background into Jon and his reasons for not feeling he can commit to Leander. It felt rushed at the ending and could've used a few more pages to really get into Jon's headspace, I think. There were a few too many missing words or misspelled words, especially in the last chapter or two, and that got a little annoying. Overall, these were quick, fun reads and would be good brain bleach when needed.