Einstein's Shutter

Einstein's Shutter - Vincent Yanez

This is a memoir that centers in part around 9/11 and the weeks, months and years following as seen through Vincent's eyes. It's also about Vincent's life during a decade that was not only tumultuous for NYC and the US, but for Vincent himself. The beginning half jumps around a lot, focusing on Vincent's past and what brought him to New York and the relationship he's struggling to keep going, and day of the 9/11 attacks. There's a surprising amount of humor and insight in this book, and I laughed quite often while reading. As more time goes by and wounds of 9/11 begin to heal, the book becomes more linear. I got the sense the author was trying to sort through the chaos of that day and its immediate aftermath with the constant back and forth and for the most part it works. There are times it drags down the story though. Once I got into the second half, it started moving along more quickly. The 9/11 stuff is mostly what he experienced himself, being in the city when the attacks happened, how he heard about it, how they tried to get out of the city and back to their home in Brooklyn. From what I recall, it doesn't go into detail of the actual attacks like we've all seen on TV numerous times, so if that might turn you off this book, it's either not there or very minimal.