Overkill - Elizabeth Daniels Squire

2.5 stars


*sigh* I am in a reading funk these last few books as I try to get some of these lingering Love's Landscapes stories off my TBR list. This one is no exception.


It had such a promising start too. UST? Musicians? On the road and constantly in cramped places where they can't act out their feelings? It was building up pretty good, despite the insta-lusting, and I was starting to feel some of the UST. Then the Thing happened, some almost-scandal that caused one character to willfully lie to the other and keep them in the dark for Their Own Good. Or in this case, the Band's Own Good. And sorry, but that just wasn't a good enough reason for Declan to lie to Tate for months about why they couldn't be together. I get that the author needed to draw out the UST, but there were plenty of other ways to do that without going there. And for a dude so worried about public perception for The Sake of the Band, Declan sure is into voyeurism. Makes no sense. Then Tate has this over the top reaction when he learns about the lie and that pretty much killed any interest I had in their relationship.


And look, I'm not usually one to complain about lack of sex scenes or fade to black. I actually tend to prefer that in most cases. But there's an expectation when it comes to UST that we actually get to see them resolve their unresolved sexual tension. No such luck here. If I had still cared by that point, I would've been frustrated, but instead I just shrugged and was thankful the book was almost over.


This author also has a weird relationship with commas. They're not there when they should be, but she makes up for it by occasionally throwing one where it doesn't belong. The secondary characters weren't really fleshed out, and some of the scenes had some strange jumps in them. Some editing would've helped with that.